Christopher M Nelson - Actor/Singer/Writer

Christopher M Nelson is a local actor, writer, director and singer. He is a member of the Dramatist Guild of America, Playwrights of San Francisco and Theatre Bay Area. His last role was Floyd in 42nd Street Moon's Fiorello, Aaron in Hillbarn's Curtains, Nahum the beggar/Bottledancer in Lamb's Players Theatre's Fiddler on the Roof.  Mr. Nelson is pleased to be a member of the San Francisco Theatre community where he recently played the role of Polpoch in the Thrillpeddler's production of Marat/Sade, before that, he understudied the role of the Father in Bill Cain’s How to Write a New Book for the Bible at Berkeley Rep. He has performed on many stages in San Francisco and San Diego including New Conservatory, 42nd Street Moon, Theatre Rhino, the Tony Award Winning La Jolla Playhouse, the La Jolla Stage Company, the Balboa Theatre and Diversionary Theatre.  In addition to his performing, he has also had several scripts produced on San Diego stages and he is currently looking for a theatre to produce his newest script “Fireworks”.  Mr. Nelson is also a member of the contemporary Christian singing group Four In Faith, which has released three CDs.  He attend the University of California, San Diego, majoring in creative writing and minoring in theatre performance.



Fiorello Floyd 42nd Street Moon Karen Altree Piemme

Curtains Aaron Fox Hillbarn Theatre Nancy Fitzgerald

Sing a Song of Sondheim Man 1 Firehouse Theatre Tim Heitman

Two Boys and a Piano Society Cabaret

Fiddler on the Roof Nachum the beggar Lamb's Players Theatre Robert Smyth

Fabuloso Teddy Thumbprint Theatre Loretta Janca

Marat/Sade       Polpoch             Thrillpeddler's     Russell Blackwood

Godspell       Jeffrey             Pinewood    G. Scott Lacy

How to Write a New Book     Pete/Understudy Berkeley Rep      Kent Nicolson

for the Bible

Waiting for Giovanni     William     NCTC     Harry Waters Jr.

Into the Clear Blue Sky     Dad/Scientist     Sleepwalker’s Theatre     Ben Randle

White Christmas     Sheldrake     Diablo Theatre Co.     Marilyn Langbehn 

Best of Gilbert & Sullivan     Man 2     Napa Valley Opera House        Daren A. C. Carollo

Boys Will Be Boys     Luke     NCTC     Andrew Nance           

Dames at Sea     Lucky     NCTC     F. Allen Sawyer 

A Necessary Evil (WP)     Jack     Theatre Rhinoceros     John Fisher

Falsettos     Mendel     Theatre Rhinoceros     Hector Correa 

Ben Franklin in Paris     Vergennes     42nd Street Moon     Todd Nielsen 

Friends Are Forever (WP)     George     NCTC     BenRandle 

The Student Gypsy     Pvt. Offenbach     42nd Street Moon     Greg MacKellan 

The Thief (SD Workshop)     Ensemble     Canum Entertainment       John Malashock 

Secret Garden     Male Swing     Lamb’s Players Theatre     Robert Smyth 

American Christmas 05-06     Henri LeClaire   Lamb’s Players Theatre     Robert Smyth 

Into the Woods     Steward     Lamb’s Players Theatre     Robert Smyth 

Oklahoma!     Curly     Southbay Music Theatre     G. Scott Lacy 

Berlin’s Best/Porter’s Picks     Man 1     La Jolla Stage Co.     Christopher Nelson 

Hello Dolly     Cornelius Hackl     Southbay Music Theatre     G. Scott Lacy 

Polyester     Jagger     La Jolla Stage Co.     Tim Heitman

Holiday Hilarities     Jason, the dad     La Jolla Stage Co.     Tim Heitman 

Dracula, the Musical     Understudy:Male Roles     La Jolla Playhouse     Des McAnuff

Pippin     Lewis     La Jolla Stage Co.     Tim Heitman

Godspell     John the Baptist     La Jolla Stage Co.     Tim Heitman

Closer Than Ever     Man 2     Balboa Theatre     Tim Heitman

Oklahoma!     Will Parker     Poway CPA     Jack Montgomery

Man of La Mancha     Padre     Apolliad Theatre     Paula Pierson

Fantasticks     Matt     Apolliad Theatre     Paula Pierson

The Lights are Warm and Coloured     Tom Fuller     PPAC     Annette Huffman           

Killer (reading)     Jake     Marsh Theatre     Jerry Metzker

Below the Skin (reading)     Dave     Drama Mamas     Jodi Schiller           

Falsettos (reading)     Marvin     Green Room Theatre     Tim Heitman

Loving Comrades (reading)     Horace Traubel     Diversionary Theatre     Ed Stevens

Willows (reading)     Rat     Green Room Theatre     Tim Heitman


Look Down (Short Film)                     Mr. Farrell   SFDFS                          Suvrath Penmetcha

Open House (Short Film)                   Jonathan     SFDFS                            Cameron Heller


I Almost Got Away With It Ep. 602     Extra         Indigo Films


Life Internal (Short Film)                   Francis      Lincoln Street Studios      Peter Lindsey


Project Globe                    James White         Pedersen Media            Brigg Bloomquist

SJ Convention and Visitors Bureau     Bob       Rough House               Randy Field           Man 30s                                                Phillip Hudson


Airline App  (web commercial)  Father  LaunchSquad  Brian

Widgetbox   (web commercial)     Allan      LaunchSquad     Nick Markham

TimeBridge (web commercial)      Tim        LaunchSquad     Brett Marty


Berlin’s Best/Porter’s Picks                       La Jolla Stage Co. 

Love Letters                                            La Jolla Stage Co.


 It’s All About a Baby     Four in Faith     CSLN Entertainment           

 The Thief (SD demo)     San Diego Cast     Canum Entertainment 

Lord, We Praise You     Four in Faith     CSLN Entertainment




Voice     G. Scott Lacy             

Theatre Performance/Creative Writing (1986-91)     U. C. San Diego



Cabaret Show Vocalist, Studio Vocalist, Writing, Cooking, Photography, Bike Riding, Running, Snorkelling.



 Equity Eligible, Dramatist Guild of America, Theatre Bay Area, Playwrights San Francisco

Mr. Nelson

  Christopher is a local

  San Francisco


  that believes that    

  words have the power

  to create, mold, and change

  the world we live in and

  how we perceive it.