Into the Clear Blue Sky Sleepwalker's Theatre

"Nelson brings out both his character's noble intentions and the shame that debilitates them"

Boys Will Be Boys New Conservatory Theatre Center

"Christopher M Nelson has good vocal chords singing the serious "Giant"...He is also exceptional singing "Balls"....

Boys Will Be Boys New Conservatory Theatre Center

"Christopher M Nelson, as Luke, has a vibrant, intense voice.  When he sings a romantic love duet with Tyler , they harmonize very well."

Dames at Sea New Conservatory Theatre Center

"...Christopher M Nelson is spot-on as Dick's sailor friend Lucky.  Joan and Lucky make a neat couple, especially when singing "Choo-Choo Honeymoon."

Dames at Sea New Conservatory Theatre Center

"The time just taps right on by as this enthusiastic and perfect cast sing and dance through this delightful musical."

Falsettos Theatre Rhino

"Christopher M Nelson, who has great singing chops, is first rate as Mendel."

Falsettos Theatre Rhino

"The performers are in sync with the director and the material, negotiating the show's complex musicality and lyrics with skill and empathy.....Christopher M Nelson is a fun presence as Marvin's nervous psychiatrist"

Falsettos Theatre Rhino

"Christopher M Nelson effortlessly inhabits Mendel's quirky exuberance"

Ben Franklin in Paris 42nd Street Moon

Christopher M Nelson doesn't disappoint, playing well-suited to his part."

Friends Are Forever New Conservatory Theatre Center

"All six actor's give natural performances....while Christopher M Nelson has good acting chops as the butch George."

Berlin's Best/Porter's Picks  La Jolla Stage Company

"Fantastic voices make each song a pleasure.  Some highlights include Christopher Nelson's poignant What'll I Do..."

The Lights Are Warm and Coloured Poway Performing Arts Company

"Christopher Nelson adds the right sense of timing and dexterity as one of the actor's who has come to call on the Borden home."

The Lights are Warm and Coloured  Poway performing Arts Company

"Christopher Nelson jumps into a multitude of roles with ease."

"Two Boys and a Piano" at Society Cabaret 

"To hear the Nelson and Lacy voices is a "Masterpiece".  It's one of the most extraordinary and touching evening that I have ever experienced. It's truly stunning! I really did find myself dazzled and overwhelmed. Please lets have an encore. 

Mr. Nelson

  Christopher is a local

  San Francisco


  that believes that    

  words have the power

  to create, mold, and change

  the world we live in and

  how we perceive it.